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How to make Bar Charts with Zapier

In this example, we'll use the QuickChart Zapier integration to generate a bar chart.

First, select a trigger. This can be whatever you want - a new row in a spreadsheet, a new survey response or form submission, and more.

Select the Create Bar Chart event

After you've added the integration, select the Create Bar Chart event and click "Continue".

Select 'Create Bar Chart' in the QuickChart Action
Select 'Create Bar Chart' in the QuickChart Action

Set up the QuickChart credentials

QuickChart is free and you don't need an account. Click "continue". If prompted for a credential, just leave it blank.

Zapier QuickChart account setup

Configure the bar chart

Now it's time to actually build the chart.

For X labels, create a list of labels you want to appear on the bottom of the chart. Each label will appear under a bar group. In the example below, the first value in each data series will be grouped under "Year: 2023".

For Y values, create a list of data series that you want to display. Each data series will have a distinct color. You can create multiple data series that will be shown as different bar groups.

For Legend labels, set the legend for each data series.

Other customization options are available as well.

Zapier QuickChart bar chart configuration

Test and run

That's it! You're ready to test and run your Zap. The Zap produces a result with a url property that looks like this:

Bar chart confirmation
Bar chart confirmation

If you load the URL, it will look like this:

Generated bar chart
Generated bar chart

Using the Chart Maker

The Zapier Bar Chart action is easy to use, but its flexibility is limited. To fully control what your chart looks like, use the no-code Chart Maker.

Using the Chart Maker, you can customize your bar chart however you like.

no-code bar chart for zapier

Click the Save as API template button in the top right corner. This will give you a special URL for your bar chart.

The URL will look something like this:

From there, you can simply add your data to the URL to have it appear on the chart:,60,90

For more information, see the custom values tutorial.

Other types of charts

The QuickChart Action on Zapier supports many other types of charts, including line, sparkline, and pie charts.

If you're looking to further customize your charts, see the full Zapier tutorial.

Charts on Zapier

Need help?

The first step is to ask in our community, which we monitor every day. Feel free to contact me or contact support if you get stuck or have questions. We'll get back to you quickly!

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Ian Webster is a software engineer and former Googler based in San Mateo, California. He has helped Google, NASA, and governments around the world improve their data pipelines and visualizations. In 2018, Ian created QuickChart, a collection of open-source APIs that support data visualization efforts.

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