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How to replace Google Image Charts with Open Source

Get Started

This guide describes how to replace Google Image Charts with a free, open-source replacement. QuickChart is mostly compatible with Google Image Charts and serves as a drop-in replacement.

Here are a few things you should know before getting started:

  • QuickChart is an open-source service that renders static chart images compatible with Google Image Charts. You can host your own server from source code or a Docker container, or you can use the reliable web service and not worry about hosting.
  • This page is for people looking to replace existing Google Image Charts implementations. To start from scratch with QuickChart, go to the main documentation.
  • If you're starting fresh, use the open-source Chart.js format instead of Google Image Charts format. It's more flexible, has a strong community, and will never be deprecated.

Migrating from Google Image Charts

Replace with in the URL.

For example, the URL:,5,5|10,10,10|15,15,15&chco=4d89f9,c6d9fd,00B88A&chds=0,20&chbh=a&chxs=0,000000,0,0,_&chxt=y&chm=N,000000,0,,10|N,000000,1,,10|N,000000,2,,10
Google Image Charts
Google Image Charts

Should be changed to:,5,5|10,10,10|15,15,15&chco=4d89f9,c6d9fd,00B88A&chds=0,20&chbh=a&chxs=0,000000,0,0,_&chxt=y&chm=N,000000,0,,10|N,000000,1,,10|N,000000,2,,10
QuickChart equivalent
QuickChart equivalent

Supported Parameters

The most common Google Image Charts parameters are supported. The implementation of each parameter matches the Google Image Charts implementation as closely as possible.

ParameterDescription and SyntaxChart Types
chtChart typeRequired for all charts
chdChart data stringRequired for all charts
chsChart sizeAll charts
chdl, chdlp, chdlsChart legend text and styleAll charts
chfChart fillAll charts
chcoSeries colorAll charts
chgChart grid linesBar, Line
chlData labelsBar, Line, Pie
chmText and Data Value MarkersBar, Line
chxtVisible axesBar, Line
chtt, chtsChart title and styleAll charts
chxrAxis rangesBar, Line
chxlAxis labelsBar, Line
chxsAxis label stylesBar, Line

Missing a parameter, or need more customization options? Don't get locked into a proprietary format. See the main documentation to use the more powerful open-source Chart.js format.