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Chart Types

For a variety of useful editable examples, see the chart gallery.

Changing chart types can be very simple. By changing type: bar to type: line, for example, we can instantly produce an equivalent line graph:

Bar chart

See Bar Chart documentation

Set type to horizontalBar for a horizontal bar chart.

Line graph

See Line chart documentation

<img src="{type:'line',data:{labels:['January','February','March','April','May'],datasets:[{label:'Dogs',data:[50,60,70,180,190],fill:false,borderColor:'blue'},{label:'Cats',data:[100,200,300,400,500],fill:false,borderColor:'green'}]}}">
Example line chart

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Radar chart

See Chart.js radar chart documentation

<img src="{type:'radar',data:{labels:['January','February','March','April','May'],datasets:[{label:'Dogs',data:[50,60,70,180,190]},{label:'Cats',data:[100,200,300,400,500]}]}}">
Example radar chart

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Pie chart

See Pie chart documentation. This chart also uses the datalabels plugin.

Learn how to customize pie chart labels.

<img src="{type:'pie',data:{labels:['January','February','March','April','May'],datasets:[{data:[50,60,70,180,190]}]}}">
Example chart {
  type: 'pie',

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Doughnut chart

See Doughnut Chart documentation. You can also use options from the Chart.js doughnutlabel plugin, in addition to the datalabels plugin.

Learn how to customize doughnut chart labels.

<img src="{type:'doughnut',data:{labels:['January','February','March','April','May'],datasets:[{data:[50,60,70,180,190]}]},options:{plugins:{doughnutlabel:{labels:[{text:'550',font:{size:20}},{text:'total'}]}}}}">
Example doughnut chart

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The doughnut chart type is very flexible. For example, you can use a half-doughnut to make a gauge-style chart.

<img src="{type:'doughnut',data:{datasets:[{data:[24,66],backgroundColor:['green','#eee'],label:'Dataset1',borderWidth:0}],labels:['A','C']},options:{circumference:Math.PI,rotation:Math.PI,cutoutPercentage:75,layout:{padding:40},legend:{display:false},plugins:{datalabels:{color:'#404040',anchor:'end',align:'end',formatter:(val)=>val+'%',font:{size:25,weight:'bold'}},doughnutlabel:{labels:[{text:'\nYourstatusis',font:{size:20}},{text:'\nhealthy',color:'#000',font:{size:25,weight:'bold'}}]}}}}">
Example gauge chart

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Polar chart

Polar charts are like pie and doughnut charts, except each segment has the same angle and the radius of the segments varies based on the value. See Polar Area Chart documentation.

<img src="{type:'polarArea',data:{labels:['January','February','March','April','May'],datasets:[{data:[50,60,70,180,190]}]}}">
Example polar chart

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Scatter Plot

See Scatter chart documentation

<img src="{type:'scatter',data:{datasets:[{label:'Data1',data:[{x:2,y:4},{x:3,y:3},{x:-10,y:0},{x:0,y:10},{x:10,y:5}]}]}}">
Example scatter plot

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Bubble chart

Bubble is similar to Scatter, except the r variable defines bubble radius in pixels. Bubble Chart documentation

<img src="{type:'bubble',data:{datasets:[{label:'Data1',data:[{x:1,y:4,r:9},{x:2,y:4,r:6},{x:3,y:8,r:30},{x:0,y:10,r:1},{x:10,y:5,r:5}]}]}}">
Example bubble chart

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Radial Gauge / "Meter" Charts

View the options at chartjs-radial-gauge for customization details.

<img src="{type:'radialGauge',data:{datasets:[{data:[70],backgroundColor:'green'}]}}">
Example radial gauge chart

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Speedometer Charts

See customization options at chartjs-gauge.

<img src="{type:'gauge',data:{datasets:[{value:50,data:[20,40,60],backgroundColor:['green','orange','red'],borderWidth:2}]},options:{valueLabel:{fontSize:22,backgroundColor:'transparent',color:'#000',formatter:function(value,context){returnvalue+'mph';},bottomMarginPercentage:10}}}">
Example speedometer chart

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Box Plots and Violin Charts

You can use violin, boxplot, horizontalBoxPlot, and horizontalViolin chart types. View the options at chartjs-chart-box-and-violin-plot for customization details.

<img src="{type:'violin',data:{labels:[2012,2013,2014,2015],datasets:[{label:'Data',data:[[12,6,3,4],[1,8,8,15],[1,1,1,2,3,5,9,8],[19,-3,18,8,5,9,9]],backgroundColor:'rgba(56,123,45,0.2)',borderColor:'rgba(56,123,45,1.9)'}]}}">
Example violin chart

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For best results, add a scatter plot to your box or violin chart.

Funnel Charts

QuickChart supports funnel charts (aka pyramid charts) using chartjs-chart-funnel for Chart.js version 3+. See an example configuration.

Funnel chart example

Financial Charts

QuickChart supports Candlestick and OHLC charts using the chartjs-chart-financial plugin. These are commonly used for technical analysis and stock charts.

Note that you'll have to select Chart.js version 3+ to use these plugins. View example configuration

OHLC chart example


A sparkline is a special case of line graph with axes and other labeling removed. All line graph options can be applied. Read more about the sparkline API.

<img src="{type:'sparkline',data:{datasets:[{data:[140,60,274,370,199]}]}}">
Example sparkline

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A sankey diagram is a flow diagram that illustrates the proportions between various stages of a flow. To learn more, see chartjs-chart-sankey documentation.

<img src="{type:'sankey',data:{datasets:[{data:[{from:'StepA',to:'StepB',flow:10},{from:'StepA',to:'StepC',flow:5},{from:'StepB',to:'StepC',flow:10},{from:'StepD',to:'StepC',flow:7}]}]}}">
Example sankey

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A more elaborate sankey example with custom colors and position is available here.

Progress bars

A progress bar is a special case of a horizontal bar chart with axes and other labeling removed. All bar options can be applied.

The first dataset specifies the number shown. By default, this number is a percentage and the total value is 100. If your data is not out of 100, add a second dataset to override the total.

<img src="{type:'progressBar',data:{datasets:[{data:[50]}]}}">
Example progress bar

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Mixed charts

Combine charts together by specifying multiple types:

<img src="{type:'bar',data:{labels:['January','February','March','April','May'],datasets:[{label:'Dogs',data:[50,60,70,180,190]},{label:'Cats',data:[100,200,300,400,500]},{type:'line',fill:false,label:'Potatoes',data:[100,400,200,400,700]}]}}">
Example mixed chart (line and bar)

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More examples

Additional chart examples are available in the Chart Gallery.