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Create charts from Airtable data

QuickChart is an open-source project for rendering charts. Generated chart images can be embedded in static locations such as websites, emails, PDFs, chat services, and many other places.

Generating Charts in Google Apps Script

QuickChart is a web service that allows you to generate chart images and embed them nearly anywhere. You can use QuickChart from Google Apps Script in order to insert chart images in docs, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

How to create charts on Make

Make (formerly Integromat) is a platform that you can use to glue & script other platforms together. QuickChart offers a powerful no-code integration with Make.

How to create charts with Zapier

It's a common pattern to want to create a chart based on some data you're manipulating in Zapier. Usually after creating the chart, you'll do something like embed it in a document, upload it to a drive, or send it in an email.

How to embed charts with MJML

This tutorial describes how to use mjml-chartjs, an open-source custom component for MJML that allows you to create responsive charts in your HTML emails.