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About QuickChart

Founded in 2015, QuickChart (Alioth LLC) provides tools for developers who want to create charts, graphs, and other data visualizations. We are based in San Mateo, California.

As software engineers and marketers, we built QuickChart because other chart services left much to be desired in terms of function and customization. QuickChart was open-source from the beginning and it quickly became one of the most popular ways to provision a chart render API.

Our aims at QuickChart are simple and straightforward:

  • Best-in-class speed and reliability: Our engineers have experience scaling the world’s largest tech companies. QuickChart customers will always be hosted on infrastructure that scales automatically and is carefully monitored.
  • Secure and private: We ensure that your chart data is deleted as soon as it’s rendered.
  • Open-source: Our open-source model is better for developers and the businesses they support. We actively contribute to the open data visualization community and avoid vendor lock-in and proprietary formats.

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Ian Webster, CEO
[email protected]
+1 (650) 332-4607