Thousands of developers and businesses use QuickChart

⚡ 4 billion+ images rendered
📈 Flexible, custom charts
✅ Built on open standards

Save time by rendering any Chart.js config - you don't need to learn a new chart format.

Unlimited customization includes multiple axes, custom fonts, compound, gradient, patterned charts, retina support, and more.

Open-source prevents vendor lock-in with closed APIs.

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License GNU AGPL v3 license Full commercial usage Full commercial usage
Features Charts and QR codes
No watermarks
All Community features
Chart URL shortener
Custom chart plugins
All Professional features
Custom fonts
Custom chart backgrounds
Custom domain
On-prem option
Limits Rate limit enforced 1 million charts/month
100,000 short URLs/month
No rate limits
Unlimited charts
Unlimited short URLs
No rate limits
Network Variable latency
Shared servers
Dedicated server cluster
Worldwide CDN
High-performance cluster
Support Best-effort email support Priority support Dedicated account manager
SLA None None QuickChart SLA
No purchase required Select Contact Us

If you're not happy with your subscription within 30 days, contact us for a full refund - no questions asked. Cancellations after 30 days are prorated and granted immediately upon request.

Credit cards are processed by Stripe and not stored on our servers. You can also purchase with PayPal.

Used by universities, hospitals, and Fortune Global 500 companies

Reliable & fast

Chart rendering at scale can be surprisingly tricky. Our render workloads are load balanced and cached in order to failover gracefully and speed up subsequent renders.

We've scaled QuickChart so you don't have to. The service is distributed across multiple cloud providers in datacenters around the world.

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Build or buy?

Cost tradeoff calculator

Cost: $140/month to build & maintain versus $40/month for a Professional license.

If you're considering running your own rendering system, don't forget to plan for the following:

About QuickChart

San Mateo office

Founded in 2015, QuickChart (Alioth LLC) provides tools for developers who want to create charts, graphs, and other data visualizations. We are based in San Mateo, California.

As software engineers and marketers, we built QuickChart because other chart services left much to be desired in terms of function and customization. QuickChart was open-source from the beginning and it quickly became one of the most popular ways to provision a chart render API.

Our aims at QuickChart are simple and straightforward:

Thanks for choosing QuickChart,

Ian Webster, CEO
[email protected]