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How can I make my chart look like X?

QuickChart uses the popular open-source Chart.js library, so you can use all Chart.js documentation and Chart.js-related search terms to answer questions on how to customize your chart. If you're stuck, feel free to ask in our community or email us.

Do I need a license to use QuickChart?

Users of QuickChart's paid versions retain full copyright to images they generate. Charts generated by QuickChart's free version are public domain, meaning you are free to use them for any purpose.

If you'd like to fork the code, keep in mind this project is licensed under AGPLv3 and you should make your code public and retain the copyright notice. If you'd like to license QuickChart privately or commercially, or if you'd like help setting up a private instance, please get in touch.

Is this a suitable replacement for Google Image Charts?

This service is a replacement for the Google Image Charts API, which turned off on March 14, 2019. QuickChart provides a drop-in replacement for Google Image Charts documented here.

QuickChart encourages the use of Chart.js format over the deprecated Google Image Charts format. Although Chart.js doesn't match exactly with the Google Image Charts API, it is a more flexible, general-purpose charting specification. Both Chart.js and QuickChart have strong open-source communities.

We encourage developers to choose a fully open-source solution over proprietary services in order to mitigate risk and future-proof their choice of API.

How reliable is QuickChart?

This service ( is widely used and generates over 300 million charts per month. It is hosted on a large cluster of redundant servers. There is a built-in rate limit of 60 charts/min (1 chart/sec) and 1,000 charts/month for free users.

If you want to adjust rate limits or need a Service-Level Agreement with uptime guarantees, purchase a license or get in touch.

See also the QuickChart status page, which monitors uptime.

How can I contribute?

QuickChart is under active development. If you'd like to suggest a feature or modify QuickChart code, please open an issue or pull request on the QuickChart Github.