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Static image charts for email, reports, and anywhere else. Over 500 million charts rendered for users around the world.

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QuickChart is an API for generating chart images, PDFs, and QR codes. We're built on Chart.js, the most popular open-source charting library. It's as easy as putting your Chart.js definition in a URL:{your chart here}.

Chart editor - try it yourself

Customize your chart

Let's get creative. You can use all static customization options available in Chart.js. The example below uses custom background colors, title, legend, stacked bars, axis labels, and data labels:

See the chart gallery showcasing different chart types and plugins: bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, and much more.

⚡ 500M+ charts rendered
📈 All the flexibility of Chart.js
✅ Built on open standards

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About QuickChart is a public API that serves over 16 million charts per month. There is a 60 requests per minute per IP rate limit (1 chart/sec) on the public service. If you'd like to exceed this limit, please purchase a license or contact us.

QuickChart is open source, dual licensed under the GNU GPLv3 and a commercial license. You may use images produced by this website for any purpose. This service was created in response to the Google Image Charts shutdown. Don't use proprietary chart formats - use open source!

We support chart rendering in many programming languages, including Python, Javascript/Node, Java, C#, and PHP. Need help with development? Send us a message.