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Static embeddable image charts for email, SMS, reports, and more

<img src="{type:'bar',data:{labels:['January','February','March','April', 'May'], datasets:[{label:'Dogs',data:[50,60,70,180,190]},{label:'Cats',data:[100,200,300,400,500]}]}}">

QuickChart is an API for generating chart images, PDFs, and QR codes. We're built on Chart.js, a popular open-source charting library. Just put a Chart.js object in the URL to render your chart:{chart config}.

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Customize Your Chart

Let's get creative. The example below uses custom background colors, title, legend, stacked bars, axis labels, and data labels:

You can use any static customization option available in Chart.js. The best place to learn the extent of customization options is through the Chart.js documentation.

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About QuickChart is a public API that serves over 16 million charts per month. There is a 60 requests per minute per IP rate limit (1 chart/sec) on the public service. If you'd like to exceed this limit, please purchase a license or contact us.

QuickChart is open source, dual licensed under the GNU GPLv3 and a commercial license. You may use images produced by this website for any purpose. This means that QuickChart is never going away; anyone can host this service with minimal resource requirements. If you would like to modify QuickChart source code for commercial use, please purchase a license or contact us.

This service was built in response to the Google Image Charts shutdown. Don't use proprietary chart formats - use open source!