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Embed QR codes anywhere. Our QR codes work in on-screen, in print, PDF, or anyplace else. No scan limits.

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Proven uptime and reliability. We serve millions of QR codes per day and have maintained 100% uptime for 3 years and counting.

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Bulk QR codes

To create many QR codes at once, try our bulk QR code generator.

About QuickChart

QuickChart is a public QR code API that serves thousands of businesses every day. It can be used for email, direct mail, and other marketing campaigns. Learn how to generate QR codes in a spreadsheet or reach out to share your requirements.

We render QR codes and chart images free of charge. The software is open source and can be self-hosted. We also offer commercial pricing for businesses.

You may use QR images produced by this website for any purpose. If you would like to modify QuickChart source code for commercial use, please purchase a license or contact us.

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